Branding, Corporate Collateral & Website

Client: International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA)
Branding, stationery, marketing collateral, and website design for International China Ageing Industry Association (ICAIA). ICAIA is   an industry association servicing Chinese and overseas stakeholders committed to building a vibrant Elderly Care industry ecosystem in China. The association convenes global leaders, transforms research and ideas into actionable agendas and fosters collaboration through strategic public-private partnerships and business and investment opportunities. 
Brush calligraphy is one of the most well recognised traditional Chinese art form. The ICAIA logo of two concaving brush strokes embraces the ideologies of "oneness" and "community" and the directional flow of information, ideas, expertise, capital and partnerships that ICAIA attracts as a China-focused, international established elderly care service platform. 
Complementary colour palette and modern info-graphs are designed and developed to extend the branding into varies print medium for the association to communicate its research and knowledge based information to members and audiences. 
Website UX: Website shares the same aesthetics as the printed collateral but with a newspaper style design. This reflects and allows the user to anticipate the association's commitment to building a knowledge driven network of experts and professionals.